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Rejoice and Sing Out!

Abundant living is not about over sized egos and life styles.   Abundant living is about consciousness.  Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of Unity, lived simple lives built upon faith in God and the power of prayer to change lives.  Their faith became the cornerstone of a world-wide ministry.Abundance is not measured by what I have or do not have.  I measure abundance by what I am feeling within–a sense of Presence shining through me. I see the world through eyes awakened to unlimited potential within and around me.

The book Prosperity was a compilation of Fillmore’s lectures during the Depression era, when people began to turn away from the wild and hollow lifestyles of the Roaring Twenties.  It had become abundantly clear that seeming prosperity out there was ephemeral and lacking in true substance.

The power underlying the Fillmore’s teaching was the direct and personal healing experienced by both of them through the power of prayer.  No airy, fairy theory, but demonstrated truth.  They began with a simple, but powerful affirmation:  I am a child of God. I do not inherit sin, sickness or disease, and their healing followed.

They had a dream, a vision of healing and wholeness, for the world.  And we can take hold that dream and live the truth.  It doesn’t matter how old or how young we are.  The only thing that matters is what is going on within us–the joy and enthusiasm welling up from Spirit within.  In today’s Daily Word, we read:

In the silence, I open to inspiration and seeds of divine ideas are planted in me. In their season, my ideas spring into manifestation and I feel the joy of co-creation.

The act of giving of myself nurtures my spirit, my sense of abundance and my place in the world.  Volunteering in the community allows me to use my God given talents in service to the family of God.  That constant flow of active participation in creation gives birth to new energy and new possibilities for good in my life even as I share the abundance of God. An author in Whole Living Magazine  hit it dead on:

Generosity is a way of telling the subconscious “I already have enough. If you reach out your hand to help, you know you’re coming from a place of sufficiency.”

There’s a story about faith in Matthew 17:20 which is often quoted and misquoted.

I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.

The focus in this quote is always on the tiny mustard seed of faith capable of producing miracles.  Now, logically, Jesus isn’t suggesting that each one of us should practice moving mountains about to suit personal whims.  That could end up looking like one of those Harry Potter moments when all the students are trying to master magic as chaos reigns in the classroom.

If we condense this quote to its essence, then we see through to the truth:

“if you have faith as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you.

Faith is the key and from that we expand our awareness, our understanding, our perception of truth.  Affirming that I Behold the Christ  in you means that I am seeing through appearances to the sacred in you.  When I recognize the essence in life, the unity of all things, then I am beholding the sacred potential in all of life.

Eric Butterworth paraphrased Jesus’ words in Spiritual Economics:

I have overcome the world by proving the power of faith and the inherent potential within man. If you believe in the creative flow of the Universe as I have done, then you can do all that I have done…and greater things shall you do.

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