Five Basic Principles for a Spiritual Life

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The Omnipresence of Prayertemple, Part I

God is neither male nor female.  God is the name we give to that which is nameless, without form or physical substance, yet containing all that is, in Divine potential.  And because God is everywhere equally present as Spirit or Consciousness, God is present in me.

God is not only the creative cause of every visible form of intelligence and life at its commencement, but each moment throughout its existence, God lives within every created thing as the life, the ever renewing, recreating, up-building cause of it.  God never is and never can be for a moment separated from His creations.*

So when we pray, we are not reaching out to get God’s attention focused upon our personal needs, but turning our attention within to God or Christ Consciousness. Who among us would even think of themselves as worthy of ‘housing’ the Spirit of the Living God!  Yet, so it is!  And this changes everything, because it is our understanding of and relationship with God which determines the quality of our lives!

You are primarily a spiritual being, the expression of God’s perfection, the receptacle of God’s love; and when you think and act in the consciousness of perfection and love, you cannot help being open to the influx of God’s love and to the fulfillment of God’s divine purpose.**

There is no God sitting upon a judgment seat at the far reaches of the galaxy.  We are our own judge and jury.  The more aware we are of our own indwelling Lord, the more likely we are to judge our thoughts and deeds. Those who remain oblivious to the Presence of God act without conscience and refuse to take responsibility for their own lives.

What difference does it make whether we believe that God is within us or somewhere out there?  It completely changes the way in which see life, the way in which we approach prayer and our expectation for positive outcomes.

With our eye of faith, we must see God in our flesh, see that wholeness for which we are praying in every part of the body temple. “Know ye not that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you…glorify God, therefore, in your body and in your Spirit.”***

Pundits will ask: “If God is present in me. to whom am I praying then–to myself or to God?”  The answer is “Yes!”  When I pray, I pray to my higher self, my God-self, my Super consciousness.  So, in a sense, I am praying to myself, which is not to suggest that I am the whole of God, but that I am One with God and only completely myself when I am most aware of my God-self.


(to be continued)

Rev. Claudia Naylor

Lessons in Truth, by Cady*

Jesus Christ Heals, by Fillmore**

Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters***

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