Five Basic Principles for a Spiritual Life

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The Omnipresence of Prayer, Part IIsunlight

Prayer is the contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view. Prayer is the soliloquy of a beholding and jubilant soul. It is the Spirit of God pronouncing His works good.  But prayer as a means of effecting a private end is theft and meanness.  It presupposes dualism and not unity in nature and consciousness.*

Emerson’s words sing with the passion of a soul celebrating Oneness with all of life and his words provide a clear guideline for true prayer.  I do not ask God to help me kill the enemy, because my enemy is just as much a child of God as I.  All around the globe and right here in our own community, there are both aggressors and victims.  Whether the weapon of choice is attitude and words or bombs  and guns, the result is unacceptable.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it**

How, then, do I pray?  I must first ‘step’ back emotionally from the conflict and violence around me and center my own self within Christ Consciousness–and it is only through daily practice that I develop the ability to detach and respond prayerfully.  Once I ‘find’ my own center of peace, I acknowledge the presence and power of God present in each one of us and ‘lift up’ the combatants into the light of understanding and truth in Christ.  The Daily Word expressed this process beautifully on Sunday. 

The real foundation of all effective prayer is the understanding that God is Spirit and that man, God’s offspring, is His image and likeness, hence spiritual.  Such a concept of God gives man a point of contact that is never absent.***

It is this deep and abiding desire to know God more intimately which drives and directs our spiritual journey to wholeness.  A hit or miss approach to prayer and meditation will no more lead us to spiritual illumination than will occasional practice produce a master cellist or athlete.

Why are we directed to pray without ceasing by Paul?  Isn’t that a bit like begging and beseeching? Well, if we consider prayer communion with God and/or the awareness of the presence of God within us, then are we not praying without ceasing?  Having said that, I would add that if we feel that our prayers have not been answered, then there are two distinct possibilities to consider:  have I prayed amiss (selfish) or am I blocked by false beliefs and doubts?

If the mind of man is clogged with doubt, lethargy, or fear, he must open the way by persistent knocking and asking.***

Have I spent a lifetime longing for love and approval from someone who is incapable of fulfilling that need?  Have I endlessly cataloged the list of my own ‘failures’ or ‘weaknesses’?  If the truth of God abides in me and I in it, then I can dissolve whatever barriers stand in my way knowing that the most effective barriers reside within my own mind.

Persistency in prayer awakens the spiritual consciousness and sets into perpetual glow the core of the soul. When this has been accomplished, one is in a constant state of thanksgiving and praising, and the joy of a conscious union with creative Mind is realized.***

Rev. Claudia Naylor

R.W. Emerson*

Albert Einstein**

Jesus Christ Heals by C. Fillmore***

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