Five Basic Principles for a Spiritual Life

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Working with God Pt.Ithots

“God can only do for us that which He can do through us.”

Each day of our lives we make the choice to allow God to work through us or not.  It is a painful truth that most of us spend our lives operating on auto-pilot and only the sudden eruption of a crisis forces us to engage consciously with our lives, however briefly.  We act as if there are no options and we must do it all by ourselves.  And, unfortunately, struggle becomes our reality for as long as we allow life to push and nudge and shove us into the comfortable ruts of an examined life.

How do we change the course of our lives from the mindless herd mentality?

Researchers discovered that it takes a minority of just five per cent to influence a crowd’s direction – and that the other 95 per cent follow without realizing it.*

Do I return to the religious tenets of my childhood?  Do I create my own little egocentric universe designed to exclusively fulfill my needs?  There are so many spiritual paths today to choose from that it’s almost easier to give up and stick to what I already know.

To live a Christian life is to follow the teachings of Jesus, with the thought that God and Christ are wholly outside of man, to be called on but not always to answer.

To live a Christ centered life is to follow Jesus’ teachings in the knowledge that God’s indwelling presence, which is always life, love and power within us, is now ready and waiting to flow forth abundantly into our consciousness and through us to others the moment we open ourselves to it and trustfully expect it.**

Just because this life is calling us to come up higher does not me that our transformation will be a piece of cake. But while a change in our belief system is essential to transforming our lives, it is important to take a steady and thoughtful approach.  Otherwise, we could end up feeling as if we’ve tipped our mental house up on end and shaken out everything we’ve accumulated over a lifetime.

It is wise to take time to evaluate where we are and who we are–to ask ourselves if the life  we are living right now is the life we truly want?  All too often we satisfy ourselves by tweaking this or that–like a job or relationship–and consider it done.  For now.  And then wonder why the same problem slaps us in the face again, albeit, wearing a different face.

So, how do we find our spiritual center and begin laying a proper foundation?  One option is to quietly consider friends and acquaintances–not necessarily the usual gang.  Is there someone we already know who appears to be as centered as we’d like to feel–ask what spiritual path they are pursuing?  Do we search online for meetups and begin checking them out?  Keyword searches can be truly overwhelming.  The word spirituality comes up with more than 15,000 hits!  Spirituality vs. Religion has almost 7.5 million hits!

We began this series on Five Basic Principles for a Spiritual Life** as a simple and straight forward study, but it has evolved into far more because it is organized as an interactive discussion group.  Some of the questions have been real zingers, though most have focused upon peeling away the layers of built up doubts, fears and self-destructive behaviors, revealing the hidden child of God within each of us.  (more next week)

Rev. Claudia Naylor


link to complete list**

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