Prosperity’s Ten Commandments

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Thou Shalt Deal Honorably with God and All of His People loveing

How do we choose to act honorably toward those who have mistreated us, denied our very humanity through their words and actions?  We do it by honoring the Christ, the very presence of God, in each one of them that we may be free.

You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’  But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,*

If I am to take personal responsibility for my life and my choices on this journey to spiritual wholeness,  then I must step away from condemnation, from judgment and from enmity.  It is up to me to define, discover and explore my relationship with God and all of creation.  My spiritual life cannot flourish as long as I hold anyone else responsible for my happiness, or lack thereof.

We may think of life as a series of concentric circles, and  only as we learn to act wisely and well within the smallest circle, the immediate family, do we develop the ability to establish standards of right action to guide us in relation to the ever-extending circles of friends, associates, local, national and world groups.**

I honor God as the giver of all life and all substance by sharing that gift of abundance with God through tithing and in giving to others of my time, talent and love.

Thou Shalt Not Take Thy Wealth Out of Circulation

God is my Source.  God provides.  God’s will for all is abundant good.  Yet, if I hold back (hoard) my good, rather than keep it in circulation, then what am I saying about my Source?  That it is unreliable, that it is limited, that it can dry up?  Jesus would say, Oh ye of little faith!!  Am I not putting the lie to my every prayer and affirmation by my actions?

Even worse, I am blocking the flow of my good by the very act of holding it tightly to myself!  It would be a bit like dying for lack of air, precisely because I refuse to breathe and share my air with others.  Or sitting in a small room with all the doors and windows locked and shuttered so that no one else could share my light. Outside my small existence, the world is filled with light and life and love, yet I remain alone.

God freely gives His good to us through rich ideas, inspiration, confidence, energy, intentionality and the support of the right people at the right time  if we are open and receptive!

Jesus demonstrated through the Parable of the Talents just how we are to use our gifts in service to God.  We are each given opportunity according to our present ability with the expectation that we will stretch and grow as we use our gifts.  If we doubt and hoard that which we have, it will be taken from us through the natural activity of the law.

We have within ourselves God given potentialities that may be likened to the raw material that under divine guidance can be molded into outer needs. So, we must keep our good in circulation not only in thought and word, but in the realm of action, where the use we make of our gifts is always revealed.**

Though our eyes see the cup half empty, we must see not with our doubts, but with hearts and minds overflowing with faith in God’s abundant supply awaiting our demand.

Rev. Claudia Naylor

Mt. 5:43-44*

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments, by West**

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