Prosperity’s Ten Commandments

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Thou Shalt Look to No other Source but God for thy Supply23

How many fire and brimstone sermons does it take to save a sinner?  Welcome to hell–the play now, pay later game of chance for ‘true believers’.  Or, you can give  all your possessions to the church, live a life of misery and suffering, die, and then spend eternity playing with the angels in heaven.  Is that what Jesus really said?  I don’t think so!  Human beings invented the whole cock-eyed system of rewards and punishments from a ‘heavy-handed’ God.Jesus did not teach us how to suffer and struggle our whole lives just to win a piece of heaven after death. He did not teach us to build grand and glorious churches–He said, feed my sheep.  Jesus taught us how to live in accord with the Word of God.  He did not teach us how to accumulate wealth, power and things.  It is the love of money and possessions which can lead us astray.  Jesus affirmed the love of God and the desire to lift up everyone. This is what Jesus taught and lived:

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.*


Until now you have asked nothing in My name.  Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.**

Jesus taught that the kingdom of heaven was not some place far away, inhabited by a transcendent God, separate and apart from Creation, but right here on earth within each one of us.  I can’t buy my way into heaven.  Neither can I storm the ‘gates of heaven’ and gain admission by virtue of my worthiness.   The only way to enter into heaven is through one’s own consciousness, the awareness of God, by practicing the principles which Jesus taught.

Countless numbers (of people) use The Lord’s Prayer daily, but it fulfills its purpose only when the heart is filled with faith.  We are asking for more of God’s life as health and strength, more of His love as peace and happiness, more of His wisdom and power as success and prosperity.***

We do not ask for stuff.  We open mind and heart to the richness of Spirit within, seeking ideas, inspiration and guidance.  The power of Faith and Vision linked together, build a consciousness of abundance and gratitude even before the manifestation of God’s good in our lives.

Thou Shalt Make no Mental Images of Lack

It is all too easy to measure our success against the images of Madison Avenue, especially during the Holidays.  Look at that absolutely beautiful home with its dining room table groaning with the weight of all that food.  And the family gathering together, all radiant with the spirit of good cheer and dressed to the nines.  And the image of the gorgeous Christmas Tree, surrounded by mounds of gifts.

Is that what I need, what I long for?  How many families are buried under mountains of debt at the beginning of the New Year–and how many arguments does that debt ignite?  How many toys does one child need?  Or is it just a game of counting coup?  Do these things fill the longing in my soul for more of God, more meaning in my life?

Jesus said that:  You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.  We shall be free from the false images of success wrapped in shiny paper, secured with ribbons and bows.  We shall be free of the deep seated hunger which drives us deeper into debt searching for happiness.  We shall be free of the restless dreams of always running in the darkest part of the night, falling further behind with every step.

Every thought of poverty, fear, limitation, worry and doubt is a false image, and every thought, word and act of ours motivated by such thinking constitutes bowing down to “graven images” and serving them.***

Centered in Faith, my mind creates the vision of infinite possibilities for good which God has shown me.  I live the dream inspired by the Word of God, a world of beauty, prosperity and peace for all the world.

Rev. Claudia Naylor


John 10:10*

John 16:24**

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments, by West***

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