Your Twelve Spiritual Gifts: Power

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Spiritual Dominion power

The victors dictate the terms of surrender.  The victors define the recorded story of atrocity and defeat.  History is written by the victors because they are the one’s in control, the powerful.  Corporate success and political control are dictated by the powerful.  Perhaps the greatest desire for those of us relegated to the benches is to take control of our own lives, our own destiny.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.*

Do we enter into the arena with the powerful to do battle on their terms, or do we choose to follow a different drummer?  We could choose a much more difficult and demanding path as a spiritual warrior, one who is centered in Christ in the Silence, the source of true power.  Not the power of the personal ego over others, but power over one’s own thoughts and choices.

Power is not to be used for selfish gain or satisfaction of personal ego, but for the forward spiritual movement of the whole. It is to be exercised not for the purpose of controlling others, but for the purpose of taking dominion over our own thoughts and feelings in order to come into a greater God-awareness.**

Spiritual power is born in the Silence.  We talk to God through Meditation and Prayer as we seek answers to our challenges, but the Silence is a place of stillness and waiting upon God.  The Silence is a place of pure Being, of pure power and infinite potential.

As we move from the Silence toward awareness, that pure  potential begins to take form as thoughts.  Those thoughts, aligned in consciousness with Judgment and Strength of purpose, evolve into decisions.  We empower and activate our spiritual gift of power through the Spoken Word.  Our Word and the actions which naturally flow from that decision lead to transformation within ourselves and in our manifest experience.

Power is the vital energy of God active which allows us to change our experience from negative to positive in a heart beat.  We no longer allow ourselves to get hooked into negative talk and emotions because we have the power to shift our energy.

Right in the heart of a negative atmosphere, you can take hold of thoughts of hope and prosperity, and things will change.***

Rev. Claudia Naylor

II Timothy 1:7*

Your God-Given Potential, by Hausmann**

Twelve Spiritual Gifts from God, by Warch***

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