Your Twelve Spiritual Gifts: Life

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There is No Deathspring

Whoa!  Who are you kidding, right?  Fact:  my Mom and Dad died just three weeks apart three years ago.  Their physical bodies were worn out, more burden than blessing to them.  So, that means they’re dead, right?  Wrong!  Not if you believe in Christ.

Jesus’ ministry lasted just three years, three years in which He strove valiantly to speak the Word and to teach the principles of living daily in the kingdom of God.  More than that, He lived and demonstrated the Truth of His message in His own life.  What more could anyone expect?

Jesus, was crucified and His physical body died and was buried in a temporary grave.  Christ Jesus was resurrected on the day we call Easter Sunday.  Jesus, the man, was no limited to or by a physical body.  He became the fully realized and transformed Christ.  He appeared to them in a form which they would recognize to guide them toward the understanding of eternal life in Christ.

Jesus said to her, “Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father;*

I am a spiritual being experiencing and expressing Life in and through a physical body.  As a human being I tend to define myself and others only as a physical being, functioning in the real world.  As a human being, I miss talking to and touching my parents–knowing that they are there if I need them.  But I also know that they had come to a place where they were more than ready to release those bodies for the freedom of spirit.

Life is eternal in Christ, for that is the true name and nature of our spiritual being.  But we do not have to die to the physical and go to a place called heaven to experience our own spiritual being.  We have a choice to live consciously in Christ and it is a choice we must commit to daily.

By stilling yourself to Divine Life you activate the living spirit, or super conscious, in you to do that which is needed.  Every time you receive new insight and inspiration to where it alters your consciousness, you are born again. **

God is the Source of substance, life and energy and the more closely I attune myself to the Source that is God, the more spiritually aware and alive I become.  I can live now in accord with the teachings of Jesus, knowing and believing that the death of the body is only a transformation of the physical to the fullness of being in Christ.

Rev. Claudia Naylor

John 20:14*

Your Twelve Gifts from God, by Warch**

See: The Traveler, by James Dillet Freeman


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