Your Twelve Spiritual Gifts: Renunciation

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Have you ever said or heard someone else cry out:  Why should I be the one to let go and forgive what was done to me?  I have a right to feel rage, to hate him!  I’ll never  forgive him!  And that’s true, as far as it goes.  I always have the choice, nay, the right to clutch tightly to pain and anger and hate.  I really do.  But holding to these toxic emotions is like ingesting a steady diet of acid–it eats away from the inside, guaranteeing that you’ll never have a moment of peace, of joy.

Renunciation is the gift we associate with letting go, releasing, cleansing, forgiving and healing.  This week, Serena Williams demonstrated not just the gift of renunciation, but the beauty and power of setting aside the past and returning to a venue where her victory in 2001 was shattered by the booing and racial slurs of the white audience in Indian Wells, California.  Ray Moore worked for the two years to bring her back to one of Tennis’ preeminent tournaments.

Moore is still not certain how much of a role racism played in the outpouring of venom during the match, or how much was boorish, entitled behavior. He just knows that the fan behavior was outrageous and unacceptable. He said he would never forget the intensity of the booing. From Moore’s perspective, having Serena back was an act of cleansing.

Serena Williams made a choice–by returning to Indian Wells, she was releasing a painful burden and choosing to grow forward, allowing healing to spring forth from forgiveness.

Serena seemed genuinely happy, and relieved as well. In what had to be a first in her illustrious career, she wept as she entered the stadium and heard the ovation. “I feel like I’ve already won this tournament.  I don’t feel like I have to actually hold the trophy at the end of this. I feel like I’m already holding up a trophy. I have never felt that way before.”*

Serena’s scored a victory in the tennis world, in her own spiritual and professional journey, and in the world at large where her example is held high for all to see.  For most of us, our own personal victories bloom quietly within our own hearts and minds, transforming just one small life.

A loving response allows you to free others from your consciousness as a negative experience. When you release others, you release yourself.**

Rev. Claudia Naylor

A Victory for Both Serena Williams & Indian Wells*
Your Twelve Spiritual Gifts from God, by Warch**

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