Your Twelve Spiritual Gifts: Zeal

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I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me.*bb

Can you imagine the mind and the spirit of the person who could make such an affirmation at the age of 94?  To experience and express such vitality and enthusiasm for life can be a real challenge, even on our best days.  And yet, that is the promise when we set mind and heart toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.**

Zeal, or enthusiasm, is the inner fire which drives us toward our spiritual growth.  One of the most challenging aspects on our spiritual journey is in overcoming inertia, depression and the stagnation which can doom us to a life stuck in the rat race.  And life is not about occupying space, but about living–living a life with purpose, passion and meaning!

The Kingdom of Heaven is the realm of ever-expanding ideas, and to experience the Kingdom of Heaven, you must involve yourself in the process of expansion. Heaven is not a place. It is a process and an experience for you to enjoy. Your desire to expand in consciousness is motivated by zeal.***

Zeal must be aligned with will, wisdom and order so that we do not allow our ideas and enthusiasm to run away with us.  Spiritual growth is both process and a long term commitment to steady transformation.

A newly hatched bird isn’t much to look at, born blind and naked.  It eats constantly to gain size, strength and feathers.  Then, they begin flapping their tiny wings to practice ‘flying’ and to strengthen their wings.  From birth to flight is a natural and orderly process, a process which is essential to successfully taking wing and experiencing the world from a higher point of view.

Never repress the impulse, the force, the zeal welling up within you. Commune with it in spirit and praise it for its great energy and efficiency in action. At the same time analyze and direct its course. Do not let zeal run away with your judgment.****

Rev. Claudia Naylor

Charles Fillmore*

Philippians 3:14*

Twelve Powers of Mind by Fillmore****

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