World Day of Prayer: September 10th

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Welcome to the 2015 Unity World Day of Prayer to be held on Thursday, September 10. In this 125th anniversary year of Silent Unity®, we continue to pray and celebrate the power of prayer expressing in individual’s lives and in the world.

Affirmative Prayer:

In the quiet of this moment, I am at peace. All is well.

This is my now moment. Whether I am in a room filled with people or in the quietness of my home, my inner peace is ever-present; God is ever-present right here and right now. A calm and peaceful energy fills my mind and body. I breathe deeply and fully, knowing that all is well as I rest in the Silence …

I am divinely inspired to right action.

In the freshness of this new moment I release all doubt and fear about my future. I know that God inspires me to right and perfect action. My future unfolds with ease and grace as I allow Spirit to guide me to my highest good in all situations. The moments I spend in quiet contemplation quicken my ability to take action that is God-inspired. In the Silence …


I am an ever-renewing expression of divine life.

There is One Presence and One Power and I am one with this presence and power—God the Good Omnipotent. As I come into full awareness of this ever-present Good, I know there is only health and wholeness in my mind and body. I breathe deeply and go within. There I find the wellspring of life, restoring energy that is within me now. I claim vitality—it is my divine nature. I find my assurance of health in the Silence.


Attuned to God, I am wise and understanding.

As I turn within, I call forth wisdom and understanding. God within me is wise and guides me to right and perfect action. I can see what is mine to do; I easily discern my next steps to take. My way is made clear as I ask and then go into the Silence and listen …


Spirit within is my health and my strength.

I am God’s beloved and health is my true nature. The Spirit of God is alive within every cell of my body and expressing as health in me now. As I pray, I feel my strength increase: strength of mind and body. I now turn from outer appearances into the Truth that God’s love is flowing to me as me and through me. I rest in the knowing that I am whole and well … in the Silence.

I am love in expression, contributing to a world of peace.

I open my mind and my heart to being loved and loving.  My heart is filled to overflowing as I know the world as a place of peace and harmony for everyone. I allow the love in my heart to express as kindness, appreciation and compassion. It is through prayer that I can see beyond all appearances and into the Truth, knowing only love prevails.


I am grateful for the energy and strength of my healthy body.

My body and mind are energized and strengthened as I pray. I en my mind and heart to the energy of pure health and vitality.  I feel it now, renewing me, revitalizing me, reminding me that God and I are one. I feel God’s love as I hear sweet whispers of reassurance in the Silence.


As we express the peace of God, our world is transformed.

I express fully in life, doing what is mine to do. My joy of being moves out into the world and peace is made manifest. Peace in the world begins with peace in my life. Living from my heart’s desire, I express peace. No matter what kind of work I do, carrying it out with joy is peace expressed. I bloom where I am planted as I discover and affirm my life’s work, in the Silence.


Vitality radiates through every cell of my body.

Life is active and vital within and around me. I see new life emerging in nature. I feel that same newness and vitality radiating in each cell of my body. I choose a healthy, happy life as I allow new habits to replace any that are not in the flow of a balanced, health-filled life. I find my inspiration and direction in the Silence.

I prosper as I live a life of purpose.

My mind and heart are open to the boundless goodness of God. I embrace prosperity as I find new ways to live a life of purpose, a life lived from the inside-out. God’s good is my good, and with God all things are possible. There is a mighty stream of good flowing into my life. In the Silence I relax, I am still, I am clear and I claim my good .

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