Board Members

Decatur Unity Board MembersBoard2

Norma Masters, President; ; Brenda Finke, Treasurer;  Ann Sears, Secretary; and Lennie Thomas, Vice-President: Dolcie Matthews.

The purpose of each elected Board Member is to keep faith with the goals and purposes of the ministry and to hold the spiritual trust of the membership. You have been elected by the membership to represent their interests in business decisions.

Section 9.  Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees. As representatives of the membership, the Board of Trustees shall:

A.  Uphold the spiritual purpose of this ministry as stated in Article II, Section 2 of these bylaws;

B.  Uphold the highest best interests of the membership in conducting the business of this ministry;

C.  Be conversant with these bylaws and establish policy for the operation of this ministry;

D.  Be faithful in attendance at services as well as board and membership meetings of this ministry;

E.   Determine the business needs of this ministry and authorize payment of funds for those purposes;

F.   Administer the real and personal property of this ministry;