What It Is

Unity membership is unique. The most important requirement for membership in Unity is to
know God and desire to understand, love, and follow His laws of being. Membership in Unity
leaves the member wholly free to live his/her life according to the inspiration of the Spirit of
Truth within him/her.

Rather than being a system of worship. Unity is a way of life. Members are asked to do their best
to live the Truth teachings on a daily basis. The objective of membership is to help people live
more effective, Spirit-centered lives. By our commitment in the sharing of consciousness in
membership, we become the channel by which others, too, are blessed in their lives.

Basic Unity Principles

  1. Omnipresence of God
  2. Divinity of Jesus Christ
  3. Law of Mind Action
  4. Practicing the Presence of God
  5. Living the Truth

What It Means

We believe in the perfectibility of the human spirit and in truth transformation of our lives
and our world through the application of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Charles and
Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of Unity, believed in the power of prayer to change lives,

“We want to help you to live the Christ life here and now, which means to live a
life of understanding trust in the good; of joyous activity-mental and
and freedom from fear and worry in the fellowship of love. ”

Membership in Unity involves a commitment to God, to oneself and to the church
community with the true desire to live in accord with the basic principles of Unity. It is
through active participation in Decatur Unity and a dedication to one’s own personal
spiritual transformation that we discover the true benefits of membership.

Becoming a Member

  1. Take time to learn about Unity through books, classes and fellowship.
  2. Talk to teachers, Board Members and minister about what Unity membership means to them.
  3. Fill out an application for membership and turn it in.