Recommended Reading


A Religion of One’s Own: A Guide to  Creating a Personal Spirituality in a Secular World–                               by Thomas Moore

“Religion binds us to the faint, transparent and untouchable bloodstream of the divine, the mystic ichor, that flows through all things, not making them divine, but making them receptacles of divinity.  “If you could get out of the way, who knows what you could become?”

Moore explores other religious traditions without the need to judge, drinking deeply of that which nurtures and then moving on.  In this, he is much like Charles Fillmore who studied multiple religious traditions to distill that which would become Unity.

Discover the Power Within You–by Eric Butterworthdiscover

“This book asks the question: ‘What did Jesus really teach?’  It will cut through theologies and dogma and ritual, and show how Jesus of Nazareth, two thousand years ago, grappled with the problems that beset men and found some profound and yet simple answers.”



Evolutionary Enlightenment—A New Path to Spiritual Awakening  by Andrew Cohen

In this great work of spiritual insight, Andrew Cohen actually redefines spiritual awakening. He invites the reader to see life as evolution and enlightenment as waking up to the creative impulse of your deepest, most authentic self.  Using five tenets for enlightened living, Cohen empowers us to engage wholeheartedly in the process of change as a daily practice and discipline.  When practiced, these five spiritual goals not only make meaning out of our lives; they also transform the world.



Finding Yourself In Transition: Using Life’s Changes for Spiritual Awakening–by Robert Brumet

While modern culture offers little support in overcoming personal, social and economic upheaval in our lives, this book explores the spiritual opportunities of life’s changes. Robert Brumet, a Unity minister, helps us discover how to transform them into greater personal and spiritual growth.  He weaves psychology, Eastern and Western mysticism, biblical interpretation and his own personal history to take a unique look at the important dynamics of change.  Brumet shows us how to break out of the “void” into a whole new dimension of authentic living.


The Gnostic Gospels–by Elaine Pagels

Pagels goes beyond the official canon of the New Testament to explore those gospels which were excluded from the Bible.  The major theme of the Gnostic Gospels is self-knowledge, discovering the divine hidden within each one us. These early Christians rejected the organizational structure and doctrine of the developing Catholic Church, preferring an inward journey to spiritual revelation.



Leave Your Nets—by Joel Goldsmith

In a definitive work of spiritual insight, Joel Goldsmith, twentieth century spiritual teacher offers:

“It may be true that to your sense of things your life and well-being are dependent on external aids and resources, but you will never find your spiritual sense of life while you are leaning on those material props.”

Leave Your Nets invites the reader to redefine prayer and examine the true meaning of opening to the divinity within.  He challenges dualistic thinking and questions traditional religion with a metaphysical blend of insight and wisdom.



Lessons In Truth—by H. Emilie Cady

Lessons In Truth is a clear, concise representation of New Thought philosophy and metaphysical Christianity.  In twelve lessons, H. Emilie Cady teaches spiritual concepts to empower our growth.  Dr. Cady, inspired by biblical scripture and influenced by the teaching of Ralph Waldo Emerson, shows us that our lives can be transformed by the power of thoughts, words and beliefs.  She encourages us to find our truth as it is written in our own hearts and to apply it in every area of our lives.



Love is Letting Go of Fear –by Gerald Jampolsky                             

 A Course In Miracles states that there are only two emotions:  Love and Fear.  Love is our natural inheritance while fear is what our minds manufacture.  To be rid of fear, and to develop inner peace, Dr. Jampolsky recommends that we practice several things in our daily lives.  Forgiveness is a key ingredient.


The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way–    by Wayne Dye

This bestseller explores intention—not as something we do—but as an energy we’re a part of. We’re all intended here through the invisible power of intention—a magnificent field of energy we can access to begin co-creating our lives!



The Simple Truth—Making Sense of God, Life and Other Stuff by Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla

The husband-wife team, who are former directors of Silent Unity, offers a user-friendly perspective on basic spiritual questions. In a warm and conversational style, each chapter gives background information on universal principles followed by expanded material with humorous anecdotes and features that illumine the heart of each truth. They address questions such as the nature of God, spirit, soul and body, universal laws of cause and effect, love and prosperity, heaven and hell, Jesus, the Christ, the creative power of thoughts and word, and prayer and meditation.  The Jafolla’s also explain the concepts of faith, gratitude and forgiveness.


Spiritual Economics—The Principles and Process of True Prosperity by Eric Butterworth

In his book, Unity minister Eric Butterworth offers the reader a balanced definition of true prosperity and an explanation of how to find it.  Using straightforward language, he reminds us that we have the power within us to live abundantly. Butterworth shows us the nuts and bolts of developing a prosperous attitude about money, health, work and love.  He shows us how to reverse financial adversity and achieve a true security and reap greater rewards from our daily living.



Children/Young Adults

***Oh the Places You Will Go – Dr. Seuss
This is a great read, springboard for discussion and an inspiration for students and parents of kindergarteners or graduates or for teachers at the beginning of a new school year or for anyone beginning a new endeavor. Dr. Seuss rejoices in the potential for fulfilling our wildest dreams.


Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time where we honor men in our lives who protect and care for us, if they are our biological father or not. It is a time to honor the Divine Masculine and give thanks to the male figures who encourage us.

Here is a thematic list of readings that can be used in spiritual study associated with Father’s Day.

***Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney This could easily be an exchange between father and son bunnies…or any other male relationships that may exist.

***Knots on a Counting Rope – Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault A story of how a grandfather brings his grandchild’s personal story to life.

Grandfather and I – Helen Buckley and Jan Ormerod The story of how grandfathers are able to take their time in a relationship with children.

Granddad’s Prayers of the Earth – Douglas Wood This book portrays how one Grandfather leaves a legacy of communing with nature as a living prayer for his grandchild.

***Brother Eagle Sister Sky — Susan Jeffers A beautifully illustrated book that depicts how Native American Ancestors have passed down the idea of protecting nature through the ages.

There is Greatness within You My Son — Blue Mountain Art An artful anthology that passes on sentiments from parents to their sons.

Just Me and My Dad – Mercer Mayer A Little Critter Book where father and son go camping and encounter several misfortunes and how their relationship is forged in spite of them.

***My Father’s Hands — Joanne Ryder This is a story of a father daughter garden adventure. The daughter realizes that nothing in her father’s hands could harm her.

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul – Canfield, Hansen, Kirberger
***Daddy Weirdest, I Love You Dad

The Bible — The Prodigal Son Luke 15:11 – 32

***The Summer My Father Was Ten – Pat Brissom Another story where a father and daughter forge a bond through gardening and the father tells a personal story about his relationship with a neighbor who also tended a garden.

Papa’s Day Surprise – Berenstain Bear Book Papa Bear is disappointed on Father’s Day even though he has decided he would not celebrate this year.

Because I Love You – Max Lucado
A long time ago a wise man named Shaddai built a wonderful village for children to live in. He talked to them and sang for them and told them stories. He gave them everything they needed. And with his own hands Shaddai built a protective wall around their village, rock by rock.He did all of this for just one reason–because he loved them.

Thematic Book List for Mother’s Day

 ***The Run Away Bunny — Margaret Wise Brown

This classic picture book paired with spiritual lessons for Unity’s Children’s Ministry illustrates how impossible it is to escape love.  No matter how hard the bunny tries to separate himself from his mother, he discovers that separation is not really possible.  Love is magical and appears in many forms always offering security and peace.  I really enjoy my oversized cardboard book edition.

***The Kissing Hand – Audrey Penn

This story eases separation anxiety for both the parent and the child and emphasizes the theme that there is no separation where there is love. It explores both the fears and the hopes parents and children have about leaving home.  Moms and dads might feel the same anxiety as their children when they are away from them. This story illustrates how it is possible for both the parent and child to receive comfort from each other. Hard cover

Love You Forever – Robert Munsch

With a message of love, a mother sings the same song to her child even as he grows older and older.  Finally he is a grown man and she has become an old woman.  When she can no longer rock him and sing to him, he does the same to her. This story is a reminder to children that their parents will love them no matter how old they are, no matter what they do, and no matter where they go.  Love You Forever is the sort of book to bring parents and their children together.   Hard cover gift book slips into a form fitted protective cover.

***The Mother’s Day Mice – Eve Bunting

This story is paired with spiritual lessons in Unity Children’s Ministry available in soft cover.  Enjoy this gentle story about the gift of love and song.

***Amazing Grace – Mary Hoffman                                                                                                                    

Another story paired with spiritual lessons in curriculum used by Unity’s Children’s Ministry.  This is the story about the support of a mother and grandmother who believe that Grace can be anything she wants to be. Hard cover

***I Love You More – Laura Duksta

Nothing is more powerful than the love that flows between parent and child. This is a delightful flip book about interchanges between a mother and her son. A flip book is like love. It never ends. Hard cover.

***Mama, Do You Love Me? – Barbara M. Joosse                                                                                                                                  

This book is paired with spiritual lessons in the Unity Children’s Ministry curriculum.  This isa cultural story that illustrates the universal depth of a mother’s love. Hard cover

***I Love You the Purplest – Barbara M. Joosse                                                                                                                                            

This book is paired with spiritual lesson in the Unity Children’s Ministry curriculum.This is the story of unconditional love and how a mother handles the sibling rivalry that exists among her children. Hard cover

When Mama Comes Home Tonight – Eileen Spinelli                                         

This book can be used to comfort a young child of a working mother. The child anticipates all things they will share upon her return especially the love. Soft cover

Mommies Are For Counting Stars—Harriet Ziefert

A lift the flap book with little surprises that illustrates a mother’s love that can also be used to prepare a child for becoming a big brother or sister. Soft cover

Love Is A Family – Roma Downey                                                                                      

This is the story of a little girl being raised by a single mom who is worried what other people will think about her family. The lesson that is learned is that there are many ways to define a family and that it is love that really defines family.Hard cover

Emma & Mommy Talk to God – Marianne Williamson  

Emma learns that God is love and that the best way to communicate with God is through our gratitude.